Taking stock of research results – Mapping prerequisites for implementation (WP 1)

There exists a fundamental need for an overview of the theoretical achievements and practical experiences that have been made by research, for example in the previous ARGONA project, and through national initiatives concerning participatory and transparency processes. Also, the use of such processes often requires the collection and evaluation of feedback, even more so when the approaches being tried are novel. To address these issues, IPPA will take a first step towards the creation of a European Knowledge Base on participatory approaches.

In the early stages, the Knowledge Base will act as a source of information and support to the participants in IPPA. As IPPA progresses, the Knowledge Base will expand by incorporating learning from the project itself, via feedback from, and interaction with, the progress of the implementation of participatory processes in partner countries. The Knowledge Base will also feed information into the subsequent development of a Toolbox of participatory approaches in WP 5. While WP1 acts as a source of information and collection of experience, the final evaluation will take place in WP5.

Work Package Leader and Contact:

Phil Richardson, Galson Sciences: pjr [at] galson-sciences [dot] co [dot] uk