Review and feedback to knowledge base (WP 5)

To gather feedback from stakeholders engaged in the implementation of public participation processes in WP2, questionnaires will be developed specifically for this purpose. The questionnaires will be country- and phase-specific, and will be developed in close interrelation with the building of the European knowledge base in WP1 and in coordination with WP4. This will provide feedback on a phase- and country-specific basis regarding the public participation processes, and considerable attention will be paid to the differences that exist. The evaluation of the answers will provide input to the European knowledge base on participatory processes, thus reconnecting with WP1, and produce a “tool box” of approaches and instruments for participatory processes. It will also produce country-specific reports, and be fed back to the stakeholders that participated.

Work Package Leader and Contact: Beate Kallenbach-Herbert, Öko-Institut: b [dot] kallenbach [at] oeko [dot] de