Project Summary

The RISCOM Model and other approaches to public involvement is implemented in five radioactive waste management programmes in Central and Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Slovenia). The project will also address  the issue of how to build a safe space for discussion of common, and sometimes highly controversial, issues across national borders – such as transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), regional repositories, and application of the Aarhus Convention. The project also addresses issues regarding how negotiations on compensation and added value can be implemented at the local level and will result in a series of  concrete recommendations concerning the implementation of public involvement. In short, the project is about: 

•    Enhancing the quality of decision making processes in nuclear waste management by clarity, awareness, fairness and trust   

•    How to implement processes of participation and transparency and how stakeholders should be involved  in a “safe space”

•    Practical organization of safe spaces in national programmes and exploration of how this can be done also in the multi-national context