• The RISCOM Reference Group in Poland has been established by an agreement between the participants. The Agreement especially recognizes that "the collaboration between Reference Group members is only for clarification of issues and creating mutual understanding and not for any material or procedural joint decision making thus making it possible for a very wide spectrum of organizations to take part without jeopardizing their autonomy and independence of each other". The Agreement, which included a list of participants, can be downloaded here.
  • The second IPPA report has been published with the title “The IPPA Knowledge Base Version 1”. The aim of this report is to take a step in building a Knowledge Base of tools for participation. In order to do this, a number of engagement processes concerned with contentious issues in different policy areas in several countries have been examined. The review is presented in a framework that may form the point of departure for building a systematic and comprehensive knowledge base of participatory approaches.
    The report can be downloaded here.
  • The IPPA Project Group had its second meeting in Bratislava on September 26-27, 2011. In this, meeting progress made to implement the RISCOM Process, especially in Czech Republic and Poland was presented and discussed. One particular challenge is to get the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) more involved. The Advisory Group suggested that IPPA “may need to set up informal meeting(s) safe space to ask NGOs how they want to engage and what should be discussed”.
  • A course on the RISCOM Model was held in Prague on May 19-20, 2011 for leaders of the implementation in Poland, Czech Republic, SlovakRepublic and Romania.
  • The first IPPA report has been published. In the previous ARGONA project, new approaches to participation were explored, the project included both theoretical studies and practical implementation, and resulted in proposed guidelines for participation and transparency. This IPPA report is intended to be an “easy to read” report for linking ARGONA achievements to the implementation in IPPA. The report can be downloaded here.
  • The IPPA Project had its first meeting in Uppsala, Sweden on January 26-27, 2011. The participants presented their plans for work during three years, and near term planning was made.