Implementation of Participatory Approaches in Slovenia

In Slovenia, an unsuccessful technocratic model was changed for a participatory one, and though at the beginning it seemed that this participation was giving good results some elements of the technocratic approach appear to have partially returned due to state and local politics, although local citizens still support its application. In IPPA, the conditions for effective public participation will be reviewed, and opportunities for improvements in Slovenian practice in risk communication and public participation in repository siting processes will be clarified.

A detailed analysis will be made of past experience with public participation and a review of conditions for effective public participation will be carried out. Opportunities for improvement, suggesting changes to communication and participatory processes will be put forward, including proposals for development of a safe space for discussion, and suggesting practices aimed at increasing public awareness and understanding, taking past experiences with earlier projects into account.

Work Package Leader and Contact: Marko Polic, University of Ljubljana: marko [dot] polic [at] ff [dot] uni-lj [dot] si