Implementation of Participatory Approaches in Romania

In Romania, the Stakeholder Group formed and operated within the framework of the EU project COWAM in Practice, which became a catalyst of the democratic dialogue between stakeholders, will continue as a democratic dialogue with equality of participation among all members of the group. This will help consolidate inclusive governance in waste disposal and prepare the groundwork for a sustainable participation in geologic disposal. Local communities will be reinforced in the decision making processes by the development of methodological support, and methods for sustainable participation. Special attention will be given to aiding the public in Saligny community to deal with the decision of repository siting.

The project will review and compare different concepts and methods applied in public participation in deep geological disposal in Europe, with a particular focus on RISCOM approaches and ARGONA recommendations, in order to select the concepts best applicable to the Romanian context. Then an approach for citizens’ involvement in decision making in waste disposal at the local level will be proposed in cooperation with the Saligny community. A plan for the most appropriate actions for public involvement in geological waste disposal debate will be elaborated. The intention is also to get support for a future legal framework for public participation in the decision making process.

Work Package Leader and Contact: Daniela Diaconu, Institute for Nuclear Research: daniela [dot] r [dot] diaconu [at] gmail [dot] com