Implementation of RISCOM Model in Poland

In Poland existing plans to build nuclear power reactors make it necessary to begin a dialogue about nuclear waste management approaches. One aim is to improve the existing communication abilities of the main actors in the nuclear field and to broaden the spectrum of potential participants in the Polish nuclear programme. IPPA intends to attract new nuclear-market players and stakeholders including local communities and organisations by developing new possibilities for making contact and conducting the dialogue on different levels.

The possibilities of the RISCOM Model will be adapted to the specific national requirements and a RISCOM Reference Group will be established as a platform for further actions towards effective public involvement in the decision making process. The focus is on low and medium level waste storage issues as a base for long term issues of high level waste and spent nuclear fuel management. Hearings will be organized on topics selected by the Reference Group

An important element of IPPA in Poland is to train young researchers and students in modern approaches and models for participation in decision-making and dialogue, by organising seminars and workshops with foreign lecturers and experts.

In Poland, IPPA has support of Ministry of Economy by a letter of intent from Hanna Trojanowska (6th April 2010).

Work Package Leader and Contact: Grazyna Zakrzewska, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology:
g [dot] zakrzewska [at] ichtj [dot] waw [dot] pl