Implementing methods and approaches of public involvement (WP 2)

Work Package Leader and Contact: Hana Vojtechova, Nuclear Research Institute: moh [at] ujv [dot] cz

In IPPA, the RISCOM Model and other novel approaches to public involvement will be implemented in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia and Romania. The main goals of the implementation will be to aid the current processes of RWM in the selected countries, to establish a “safe space” for stakeholders, and to provide guidance for future processes by creating schemas for how implementation can be organized and executed. The implementation will also be an excellent opportunity to further test and evaluate the approaches used.

As the five countries are at different stages of their respective nuclear programs, and because national and local variations (including public debate) must be taken into account, the implementation will vary between them. Work Package 2 is thus divided into five sub-work packages with national leadership, and national focus.