Implementation of RISCOM model in Czech Republic

There was a general appreciation of the RISCOM Model application in the ARGONA project and it was judged by Czech partners as an important step towards improved dialogue. The Reference Group was seen as a good forum, however time constraints and other factors limited the amount to which features of the model could be implemented, and they can be used in a more systematic and comprehensive way in future applications. For example, the stretching in hearings can be more fully developed and the idea of different levels of dialogue can be used more to bring organization and order into the debate about site selection issues.

In IPPA, the platform for transparency and participation that was created by the RISCOM Reference Group during ARGONA will be further enhanced by a systematic and in-depth application of the RISCOM Model. The IPPA work will form an “additional layer” to the Czech process itself. The label of a European project might bring further legitimacy to the activities that will interact with the site selection process. A report will be provided to the Czech Government before the decision on selection of a candidate and a reserve site which is scheduled for 2015.

The Reference Group will organize events at various levels of a structured dialogue, such as workshops and/or round table discussions with political representatives and relevant state institutions, public hearings in the six localities and at the national level, and a science shop with the scientific community.

Work Package Leader and Contact:
Hana Vojtechova, Nuclear Research Institute: moh [at] ujv [dot] cz