Dissemination of IPPA approach and results (WP 6)

To a large extent the dissemination of project results will take place directly through project activities, especially in Work packages 2 and 3. For example, activities such as group meetings and hearings are core events in the implementation of processes of participation and transparency in WP2. These activities will open networks and channels for discussion and improvement of risk governance among policy makers, research institutes, academia, implementers, communities and NGOs and also more broadly within society.

During the course of the IPPA project, results and conclusions will be communicated to a wide audience. This will take place in many ways, including two major events, a joint Work Package 2 and Work Package 3 European workshop, and an End Users Conference - see “Major public events”.

IPPA will cooperate closely with the InSOTEC project, and planning of the End Users Conference will be made in collaboration between the two projects

Work Package Leader and Contact: Kjell Andersson, Karita Research: kjell [dot] andersson [at] karita [dot] se