Common crosscutting issues (WP 3)

Work Package Leader and Contact: Kjell Andersson, Karita Research: kjell [dot] andersson [at] karita [dot] se

IPPA goes beyond the application of approaches to participation and transparency on the national level, by exploring how the approaches can be used to deal also with cross-country and international issues. It will explore how approaches such as transparency arenas using the RISCOM model and COWAM can be applied on the cross-border and international levels, to enrich the application of EIA and SEA and to fulfill requirements and expectations of the Aarhus Convention. Steps in this direction will also be taken with regard to the issue of multinational repositories.

Key issues of WP 3 are:

  • What are the factors that affect how legislation and international conventions, arenas and instruments for public involvemenet can be implemented on a cross country level?
  • How can processes for participation and transparency best be organized on a cross country level?
  • Is there a need for additional legal requirements, taking into account that there needs to be a balance between the force of a legal process and the flexibility of an informal process?

These issues will be addressed in three Sub Work Packages as follows: