Application of the Aarhus Convention

Sub Work Package 3.3 will investigate issues raised by the practical fulfillment of the Aarhus Convention requirements on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters. It will provide support to achieve more effective participatory approaches in national activities taking these experiences into account.

Key issues, challenges, gaps, barriers and good practices related to the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in RWM will be identified and analyzed with focus on how implementation of the Convention can support participation approaches. This will contribute to the Aarhus Convention Task Force on public participation and recommendations will be proposed to the EU and the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention.

Work Package Leader and Contact: Serge Gadbois, Mutadis Consultants Sarl: serge [dot] gadbois [at] mutadis [dot] fr Kaidi Tingas, Regional Environment Center for Central and Eastern Europe: KTingas [at] rec [dot] org